Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We're getting there, friends! :)

Time for some mid-week details.

Right now I'm ranking #19 for a certain keyword that I'mt argetting with this blog.

Pretty good for a keyword with 1,925,000 results in Google, don'tcha think?



Monday, January 4, 2010

A little interlude to backlink building...

I found a recent resource that seems to be decent. It explains every single bit about choosing the correct keyword for your website. Choosing the Right Keyword for your Site is an informative article about how to successfully choose a useful keyword for your website that will allow you to profit.

Make sure to check it out, these kind of articles are stuff you have to pay for (usually).



Sunday, January 3, 2010


We're ranking #2 right now!! I'll post the keyword once we reach #1 so you can see for oyurself.

Now for some updates:

I've commented on 130 blogs this week! I also added my blog to my signature in a very popular forum.

Here's to getting the top spot soon!


Weekly Journal

Here's my weekly journal of what I've done so far in order ot get a high search engine optimization ranking!

I made a page on Squidoo and sent the link to all of my friends.

Let's see how this works out! :) Not bad for a single day.



High Search Engine Optimization Ranking

Hi! My name is Timothy Green and I'll be showing you how to get a high ranking search engine optimization website.

How will I be doing this?

I'll be making posts along the way! I've created this website and I'm going to rank it! I'm going to rank it and get visitors to this site.

Well... Time for work!